2014/10/30(thr) TBD @ 下北沢THREE (THREE, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo)
Ticket ¥2000 :  Start 19:30 *Acoustic Set

2014/11/01(sun) BOOKED! @ 渋谷O-Group
(O-East, O-West, O-crest, O-Nest, Shibuya, Tokyo)
Ticket ¥3500 : BUY ⇒ [ e+ HERE  / Start 15:00

2014/11/30(sun) NEW HOUSE RELEASE PARTY @ 渋谷HOME (Home, Shibuya, Tokyo)
Ticket ¥1,500 / Start 18:30

2014/12/06(sat) @ 新松戸FIRE BIRD (Fire Bird, Shin-Matsudo, Chiba)
Ticket / Start


*チケット予約 : 公演日・ご予約者のお名前・枚数を記載の上送信お願いします。

*TICKET RESERVATION : If you’d like to book, Please mail me Date, Your Name, The Number of Tickets, append to text .

mail to ⇒ limboofrainbow❤
Hi everyone, We’ll release 1st anthology “THE ODYSSEY - Best of Boys Age” on very super limited cassette tapes with download codes “5 albums bundle” from @grabbingclouds based record label November 18 2014 ☁️⚡️✊

Hi everyone, We’ll release 1st anthology “THE ODYSSEY - Best of Boys Age” on very super limited cassette tapes with download codes “5 albums bundle” from @grabbingclouds based record label November 18 2014 ☁️⚡️✊

Plastic Response Records Halloween Mixtape 2014 - Jace Ewing - Me Tie Dough Ty Walker (Doorbell Mix)

Played 60 times


Check out Jace Ewing’s contribution to the Halloween Mixtape, and if you like it, check out his newly released 12” EP entitled “Simple System”, out now on Crissy.

Tiny Mix Tapes review of “Simple System”>
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Halloween Mixtape 2014 by Plastic Response Records


Our very special Halloween song on the PRR Mixtape with mischievous bands it’s very nice !!!
サウスカロライナ/グリーンヴァイルのレーベル「プラスティック・レスポンス」のコンピテープに参加しました。同収録はPetty Things, The Memories, Love Cop, Jerry Rogers, Sadwichなど。

Label :
The very first Plastic Response Records Halloween Mixtape is finally here! It features over 20 spooktacular tracks from a variety of incredible artists and tons of different Halloween flavors! So if you’re a Halloween lover like us, sink your fangs into this one and enjoy!


releases 07 October 2014 

Petty Things-
The Memories -
Sadwich -
Love Cop-
Captain T.V.舰长电视 -
Totally You -
Emotional -
Paul Cristina -
Boys Age -
Jace Ewing -
Kim and The Created -
Hound Of Love -
Jerry Rogers -
TJ Sicilia -
Sam Gas Can -
Harrison Granacher -
Dables -
Demonic Sweaters -
猫 シ Corp. -

Cover art by Ryan Sheffield. 
Layout by Derek Stegall. 
"Tree House of Whores VII" button designed by Penelope Gazin. 

THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this possible!!

Stream BOYSAGE Golden New Full-Length, TIGER! TIGER!

Tapes and CDs of TIGER ! TIGER ! is out on Little League Records


Hi there,
I’ll put out a new album TIGER ! TIGER ! from Little League Records (Ireland). The album will releasing on Tapes and CDs on December 22, but It’s super special limited edition.
I already put my past album FAKE GOLD in January 5. It’s my debut in Ireland.

TIGER ! TIGER ! has inspired by Inspired by Alfred Bester’s novel “The Stars My Destination”. It was the story of revenge and growing.
and I learn music for this album from Yo La Tengo, Kurt Vile, Lou Leed, The Clean, Television, Nat King Cole, June Carter Cash, Françoise Hardyand I always get inspired from Alexander Shields and his project A Grave With No Name.

and then, My friends had written a couple of lines for my record :

I listen to ‘TIGER! TIGER! ‘ by Boys Age regularly, and each play reveals hitherto undiscovered formations of sound and ideas which spin around my brain for days. It’s a vivid and imaginative album and undoubtedly one of my favourite records of the year.” 
- Alexander Shields(A Grave With No Name)

"With magickal guitar tones and cinematic compositions, TIGER! TIGER! has the personality of classic brit space pop bands like Pulp and Spiritualized mixed with the production and songwriting mastery of psych auteurs like Lee Hazelwood and Harry Nilsson.  I am jealous of how realized and accomplished this sounds!"
- Chill Phil(Love Cop)

[Artwork by BIGKUZZ]

12/22(mon)に我々の2014年4枚目のアルバム「TIGER ! TIGER !」をリリースします。このアルバムはカセットとCDで、アイルランドに本拠を置くLittle League Recordsからリリース予定です。過去に我々のFake Goldを愛蘭デビューさせてくれたレーベルで、過去のリリース作品の中にはMac DeMarco関連のアーティスト、HomeshakeやAlex Calderが居ます。アルバムは古典SF「虎よ!虎よ!」からインスピレーションを得ていて、音楽的にはYo La Tengo, Kurt Vile, Lou Leed, The Clean, Television, Nat King Cole, June Carter Cash, Françoise Hardy. から影響を受けています。また、友人でありYouth LagoonやYuckと共演したこともあるLondonのバンドA Grave With No NameのAlexからはいつも多大なパワーをもらっています。


魔術的なギターのトーンと映画の要素をもってこのアルバムは、リー・ヘイゼルウッドやハリーニルソン的なソングライティング/サウンドプロダクションとパルプやスピリチュアライズドのような伝統的なブリティッシュ・スペース・ポップの性質を混ぜ合わせている。この音の実現方法/彼らが成し遂げたことに嫉妬を禁じ得ない。 - Chill Phil (Love Cop)

私は定期的にボーイズ・エイジのTIGER ! TIGER !に耳を傾ける。それぞれの演奏は、私の脳の周りをグルグルと周り、未知の音とアイデアの形成を明らかにした。ハツラツと鮮やかな想像力のアルバムだ。これは間違いなく私にとって今年最もお気に入りのアルバムの一枚だ。 - A Grave With No Name